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Senior Minister

Our Senior Minister Tim Swan finished his ministry at Willoughby Park on Sunday 26th April to take up the role of CEO of Anglican Aid. 

A new Senior Minister has been appointed and we look forward to welcoming him and his family in early Term 3, 2020.

Joel is passionate about sharing Jesus with people of all ages and is responsible for teaching and resourcing families at Willoughby Park Anglican Church. He brings with him over 15 years of experience working with children and youth. Joel is married to Katherine and they have three small children of their own: Oliver, Lucas and Harvey. When he's able to find some time to himself, Joel loves reading comic books, building with LEGO, and watching live action Japanese super hero TV shows.

Joel is also involved in teaching SRE at Willoughby Public and Willoughby Girls High School.


Families Minister

Evangelism Minister

Claire became a Christian at the age of 16, prompted to ask questions based on something the school chaplain said and helped along by Christian aquaintances and friends who were willing to answer questions, lend Christian resources and invite her into their lives and church activities. The more she talked with the Christians who faithfully answered her questions and were just there for her, setting a Christian example and the more she discovered about Jesus, the more she eventually found it took more faith not to believe than to believe. Ever since first experiencing and understanding this amazing gift from God, of being able to know Him, love and be loved perfectly by Him, now and forever, all she has wanted to do is share this with others.

Claire is married to Alex and joins the Willoughby Park team in 2019.

Pastoral Worker

Pippa has been a member of the parish for more years than she cares to admit, and for a number of years now has been responsible for visiting and caring for a large number of people in the parish and beyond, including the elderly and others with particular needs – her dog Rosie regularly accompanies Pippa on her visits. 


Pippa is also a flautist of some note, and is studying the Master of Divinity course at Morling College. She has one adult son and daughter-in-law and a beautiful grandson.


Student Minister

Lyzzi is a second year Master of Divinity student at Sydney Missionary and Bible College. Lyzzi used to work in outdoor ministry, until she broke herself on a hike. She spends holidays directing and speaking on Cru Holiday Camps and is passionate about young people knowing Jesus. She loves animals, even has pet snakes, and is mediocre at video games.

Ministry Apprentice

Matt is passionate about the gospel of Jesus. He has 7 years of youth experience from children as young as three to students in their final years of high school. He has been a part of a large array of camps and programs for children of all abilities and additional needs. Before joining the team at Willoughby Park, Matt completed a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at UTS and had jobs from IT Sales at Veeam to being a qualified Customer Consultant at BT Financial group (in Super, Investments and Retirement products). 


He loves to surf, play basketball, relax outdoors and is always happy when dogs are around.

As a church, we are committed to 'every member ministry' - every member living for Christ, growing disciples. This means that our leaders seek to 'equip Christ's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up' (Ephesians 4:12)

Jen Meek leads our Mini Movers music and movement program for toddlers on Wednesdays, as well as coordinating our music ministry.


Our Bible Study Leaders pastor and lead those in their groups towards maturity in Christ. Currently our leaders are: Matt Jefferson, Michael Jones, Jane Lees, Michael Meek, Joel Moroney, Lois Robertson, Sally Swan, Tim Swan, and Jill Turner.

Our Parish Council is Matthew Bourne, Michael Jenkins, Michael Jones, Jen Meek, Greg Parkes, Peter Young (wardens), Vyas Balasubramanian, Matthew Capel, Pippa Matthews, and Trish Wilson.


Our Willoughby Park Leadership Team members are: Tim Swan, Matt Jefferson, Kate Jones, Jen Meek, Lois Robertson, Andrew Yik and Joel Moroney.



Willoughby Park Anglican Church has a Pastoral Care team to help us care well for each other. 

The WPAC Care  Team aims to:

1. Assist in practical ways if there is an urgent/immediate need. For example, a few scenarios might be:

a) child in hospital - PC team would help with caring for remaining family (lifts to/from school, babysitting, meals, grocery shopping), help care for the parent at the hospital by visiting.


b) adult in hospital - visiting, offering lifts there or home, care for the remaining family as above, organise a meal roster, etc.


c) new baby - meals, grocery shopping, companionship, etc.


d) people who live on their own - assisting with handyman jobs, companionship, help with packing boxes if they move home, etc. etc. 

2. Assist in practical ways if someone is struggling with day to day functioning for a time - shopping, companionship, flowers, a caring note etc. 

3. Pray for our church family on a regular basis

4. Inform members of our church to needs and concerns so that those experiencing the issues can be prayed for  - this is subject to the person giving permission for the information to be shared.

5. Maintaining a supply of welcome bags for people moved into nursing homes (or hospital) - to be distributed by Pippa in her role as welcomer and visitor.

This group provides an extension of the care already given by Discipleship Groups. The email contact for this group is: PC@wpachurch.com 

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